Meet the SC Gymnastics Team!



Jessica has been in gymnastics for 2 years and 2 years when she was little.  She does not like the vault but she loves the obstacle courses for conditioning.  She is a Green Bay Packers fan and loves the color green.  Mad Gab is her favorite game to play.  Her last road trip with friends was to Deadwood to go snowmobiling.
Kelli has been in gymnastics for 5 years.  Shavonne was her first coach.  Kelli loves to eat all foods and her favorite place is China Buffet.  Her nickname is KEL and Clayton R. cheers her on the most. Her most prized possession is the necklace her best friend Wade gave her.



Sheila has been in gymnastics for 10 years.  Her favorite subject in school is math.  The kids call her SHE SHE and her blanket is her most prized possession.  Her favorite color is pink and her mom is her biggest cheerleader.  Her favorite t-shirt says, “just flippin’ do it” and the SC Buffaloes are her favorite sports team.


CB1 Cora has been in gymnastics for 8 years.  She thinks the funniest thing in gymnastics this year was when someone wet their pants at the Christmas party from laughing too hard.  Her favorite conditioning drill is jumping rope on the beam.  She likes to eat at the Olive Garden and her favorite food is lasagna.  CB2
Sarah has been in gymnastics for 4 years.  Her favorite conditioning drill is lemon squeezers.  Nicki was her first gymnastics coach and her parents cheer her on the most.  Mrs. Cwach is her favorite teacher ever.  The trip to Disney World has been her best family vacation. 


Kyla has been in gymnastics for 9 years.  She likes to jump rope on the beam and thinks that Jaclyn’s floor routine was the funniest thing she’s ever seen.  Her favorite color is orange and she likes to watch the TV show Charmed.  She has broken her nose but during softball season, not gymnastics.

7th Graders

Kenna has been in gymnastics for 6 years.  Nicki was her first coach.  She does not like the bars and does not like to condition.  Kenna’s favorite place to eat is Subway.  She’s never worn braces and hasn’t broken any bones.  Her best family vacation has been to Valleyfair.


Coach: Jodi Gabriel

Assistant Coach:  Michele Lopour


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Created February 2, 2006