Stanley County High School
Gymnastics 2001 - 2002

Coach:  Nicki Abels
Assistant Coach:  Jill Mutchelknaus

The Stanley County gymnastics team is ready to tumble.

  Stanley County Varsity  

Lindsay S,
Melissa R.
Melissa M.
Stacy H.
Kayla G.
Jackie F.
Stephanie C.
Erin B.


Dec. 8--at Wagner Invitational:  SC 3rd
Dec. 15--Stanley County Quad
Dec. 17--Chamberlain
Jan. 5--Stanley County Invitational
Jan. 8--Pierre triangular
Jan. 11-12--Madison Invitational
Jan. 17--at Chamberlain
Jan. 26--Miller Invitational
Feb. 9--Region 3A meet at Parkview Gym
Feb. 15--state meet in Huron.

  Junior Varsity Gymnastics  

Dec. 6--JV-Jr. High at Pierre

Stanley County Junior Varsity Gymnasts

Ashley H.
Danielle M.

Mikayla M.

Violet M.
Sheila R.
Heidi V.
Alycia W.

Stanley County Junior High Gymnasts

Heidi V.
Violet M.
Katlynn T.
Danielle M.
Sheila R.
Alycia W.

Now that Gymnastics practice has started, we will have to limit
our noon hour use of the high school gym.

Students will be expected to stay off all Gymnastics equipment.

You may congregate on the bleachers for civil conversation.

I know this is an inconvenience, due to the fact that we
burn off excess energy during noon.

I do appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

     Mr. M.



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