Stanley County Computer and Internet Policy

Internet is available to students and staff at Stanley County Schools.  We believe the Internet offers vast, diverse and unique opportunities and resources for both staff and students.  With Internet providing access through computers and people all over the world, students could gain access to material that is not to be of educational value appropriate for a school setting. The Stanley County Schools have taken steps to restrict access to controversial materials; however, it is impossible to control access to all materials.  Thus parental permission is required.  Students must have parent permission to work independently on the Internet (minor students under 18 years old) and must personally read and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement.                             

Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just as they are in a classroom or school hallway. Communications on the network are often public in nature.  General school rules for behavior and communications apply. Users should not expect that information stored on district computers would always be private. Student information on computers will be treated like school lockers. Administrators may log, monitor, and review files and communication to maintain system integrity and insure that users are using the system responsibly.

Use of computers and the Internet are privileges, not rights.  Access entails responsibility.  Please read this document carefully.   When signed by you, it becomes a legally binding contract.

(1)     Be polite and use appropriate language. Students are expressly denied access, display, printing, or sending of any language, messages, graphics, or other material which may reasonably be considered abusive, vulgar, obscene, offensive, insulting, harassing, or disruptive within the context of the values of the community.  If the student is unsure about questionable material, he or she must check with a supervisor to determine whether the material should be accessed.

(2)     Students attempting to log on as a System Administrator, or with another person's password or computer pass are specifically denied and will result in loss of computer privileges. Students revealing their password to others will be held equally accountable for any misconduct by the other person(s).

(3)     Students are not to reveal personal information, i.e. name, address, phone number, or password, or those of others. E‑mail addresses should only be revealed for school‑related activities.

(4)     Vandalism or any attempt by the user to gain unauthorized access or destroy or harm data of another user, or to degrade or disrupt equipment or system performance, will result in the user losing computer privileges.

 (5)     Playing games is prohibited unless directed by a teacher.

 (6)     No downloading of music, games, programs, or any other files is permitted unless permission is given by a teacher or staff member.

 (7)     No unauthorized games or programs may be loaded on school computers.

 (8)     Absolutely no online chatting will be allowed unless for classroom/educational purposes.

 (9)     A user will immediately notify a teacher or the technology coordinator if he/she has identified a possible security problem with the district computer system.

 (10)   Users will not attempt to visit sites that are obviously inappropriate. If such a site is accessed accidentally, the user will report the incident immediately to a staff member.

 (11)   Sources of information must be properly cited.  Unauthorized use of copyrighted material  is prohibited.

 (12)   Employing the network for commercial purposes is not acceptable.

 (13)   Postings to the school district's web page will be subject to the approval of the web master, technology coordinator, and administration. Student photos will be posted only if signed parental permissions are on file in the business office.

(14)   Any illegal activities involving the use of computer and/or Internet components will be reported to the proper officials.

 (15)   The administration will deem what is inappropriate use, and this decision will be final.         

PENALTIES:  Unless under the direct supervision of a teacher:
* First Offense:  No computer use for two (2) weeks;
* Second Offense:  No computer use for four (4) weeks;
* Third Offense:  No computers for the balance of the school year.


Studentís Agreement:  I understand and will voluntarily abide by the school districtís Acceptable use Policy on Computers and networks.  I further understand that any violation of this policy may result in the loss of my unsupervised computer and/or Internet access privileges and school disciplinary action may be taken.  My signature on this document indicates that I have read the school districtís Acceptable use Policy, understand its significance, and voluntarily agree to comply fully with all its terms and conditions.

Date:_______________                 Grade/Graduation Year ____/________

Studentís Name (print):

Studentís Signature: 

Parentsí/Guardiansí Agreement: As parent/guardian of the student who has signed above, I have read the school districtís Acceptable Use Policy on Computers and Networks.  I understand that the school districtís Internet use is designed for educational purposes.  Further, I recognize it is possible that my student may procure material that is not consistent wit the educational goals of the district. I hereby give my permission to the school district to provide Internet access for my student and certify that the information on this form is accurate.

Date: _______________

Parent/Guardian Name (print):

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