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Avera Athletes of the Week
The Avera Athletes of the week have been named.  Talisa S. was named for volleyball and Reid W. for football.  Talisa had 7 digs and great coverage against Potter County.  Reid  had 7 rushes for 109 yards, 3 touchdowns and 8 extra points.
Congratulations to these athletes.

SC Student Council
Student Council and NHS members participated in the St. Mary’s Walk of Hope on September 9.

The walk supported those touched by suicide.
The students walking and assisting with the program were:  Abby A., Maria C., Emma C., TJ D., Mattie D., Trey F., Trevor H., Cadence H., Ella H., Ally M., Will S., and Brody W.
Their advisors are Kim Doherty and Shirley Swanson.

Homecoming Royalty
Congratulations to the 2017 Homecoming Royalty

Queen TJ D. and Adam B.

Parents and students, please be aware of the new eligibility requirements. If you feel you may have a failing grade, please come to Enrichment Friday.

Parents: If you want to check on the status of your childrens' grades, you can setup a Parent Portal account. If you do not have an account with the district, please fill out the appropriate paperwork and the Technology Coordinator will set up an account for you.


Grades 6-8: For students in grades six, seven, or eight that are participating in any extracurricular activities, eligibility must be established before they will be permitted to participate in any contest, game, tournament, or event sponsored by the District.

Grades 7-12: In order to participate in SDHSAA-sanctioned events, students must meet SDHSAA eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Procedures: The eligibility procedure will be as follows:
A. Grades in all courses for students who are participating in extracurricular activities will be used to determine eligibility. Eligibility checks begin the second week of each quarter.

B. Eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis starting the second week of each quarter. Teachers are to have grades posted no later than 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning or on the first day of a school week that does not start on Monday. Grades will be checked by the secondary principal, and students who are deemed ineligible will be notified along with their activity sponsor. If found to be ineligible, students will not be able to participate in games or events for one week (Monday through Sunday). Students will be able to participate in practices, but will not be allowed to travel with teams of groups to competitions or events.

C. If a student is ineligible for three consecutive weeks for the same class, the student will no longer be allowed to participate in practice, and instead will spend time after school working with the teacher(s) of the class(es) in which the student is ineligible.

D. A failing grade is defined as a grade of below 70% at the end of each eligibility period.

E. If students receive a failing grade in any course for the eligibility period, they will be ineligible until the next eligibility period.

F. Students will be informed when their grade falls below 70% in a class via weekly grade reports.

G. For the purpose of this subsection, the first quarter shall be considered as ending on midnight on the day before the second quarter begins, and the second quarter shall be considered as starting on the first day classes are held in the second quarter. The same will be true for the remaining quarters of the school year.

NOTE: Eligibility is extended to students whenever state-sanctioned events are held after the District’s school year has been completed.

H. When a student transfers from another school, the scholastic record from the former school shall be used for determining eligibility. The student shall not participate in any interscholastic contests until the official transcript of grades is received from the former school and academic eligibility is verified.
I. Students absent from school on the day of an extracurricular activity will not be permitted to participate in that activity unless given permission to do so by the secondary principal prior to departure. A student must be in school the entire day following a scheduled activity (unless it falls on a non-scheduled school day). The secondary principal may grant an exception to these limitations. Disciplinary action may be taken on a case-by-case basis.

J. Students must have their work made up in advance if the activity involves missing any part of the school day. It is the responsibility of students to contact every instructor for those classes they are to miss, even if their name is on the travel list for an activity. The activity sponsor will check the assignment list to determine if all work is made up before students will be allowed to travel for an event. If work is not completed, students will not be allowed to travel.

K. The District may use 7th and 8th grade students on high school teams for high school contests, provided the students meet scholastic standards fully equivalent to those required for students in grades 9-12 by the SDHSAA and the District.

17-18 Physical Information
Student athletes, if you need a physical for the 17-18 school year, please fill out and return the following forms to the district.

Students must have their physical completed in order to participate in practices. New physical forms are also available in the business office. Students in grades 6, 9 and 12 need a new physical and any other student who hasn't had one in the past three years needs a new one.

National Scholarship Information

Ole Williamson
Help support the Stanley County Sports Complex CommitteeOrder Form
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Ole Williamson Dual/Concurrent Credit Memorial Award
Application may be made by September 30 for 1st semester classes.
Application may be made by January 31 for 2nd semester classes.

If you are an enrolled Junior or Senior at Stanley County School District 57-1
you may apply for the Ole Williamson Memorial Award.


1. Enrolled Junior or Senior at Stanley County School District 57-1

2. Taking a dual enrollment or concurrent credit from a South Dakota Institution.

3. Principal Approval

4. Students may get reimbursed for two classes up to $150 each.

5. Students must give receipt for class and proof they had a C or above for a
    final grade.  This must be accomplished by June 1 of school year in which the courses are completed OR no reimbursement will be received..

Print Online Application

Applications are also available at:
High School Counselor’s Office
Stanley County School District
112 South 1st Street
P.O. Box 370
Fort Pierre, SD 57532
Telephone: 223-7741

DVDs2016 Stampede Yearbooks are now available.  The cost is $30 and may be picked up at the business office.

There are DVDs from 2009, 2010, 2011 yearbooks available in the
Business Office for FREE.

Previous yearbooks are available for $15.