Ole Williamson Dual/Concurrent Credit Tuition Reimbursement

Application may be made by September 28, 2018  for 1st semester classes.
Application may be made by January 28, 2019  for 2nd semester classes.

If you are an enrolled Junior or Senior at Stanley County School District 57-1 you may apply for the dual/concurrent credit tuition reimbursement .


1.  Enrolled Junior or Senior at Stanley County School District 57-1.

2.  Taking a dual enrollment or concurrent credit from a South Dakota Institution.

3.  Principal Approval.
4.  Students may get reimbursed for two classes up to $150 each.
5.  STUDENTS are responsible for submitting forms for reimbursement.
6.  Students must give receipt for class and proof they had a C or above for a final
     grade.  This must be accomplished by June 1 of school year in which the
     courses are completed OR no reimbursement will be received.

Print Online Application

Applications are also available at:
High School Counselorís Office
Stanley County School District
112 South 1st Street
P.O. Box 370
Fort Pierre, SD 57532
Telephone: 223-7741

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